Week-End Reflection: What is Your Truth?

By Rosalba | Apr 7, 2017

If you really keep the royal law found in scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,”

you are doing right. James 2:8


“Quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to become angry… Do not merely listen to the Word, Do what it says”James 1: 19,22(NIV)

The one phrase out of the many in this scripture I keep repeating in my mind is to be an “Active Doer”found in James 1:25. The passage says blessings follow obedience when we are active in our beliefs. Ofcourse my immediate thought was how I can better act in reaching out to others in need, those less fortunate, those perhaps more “immediately apparent.” But through study and discussion I am finding an activity I can be part of in my daily living of this world that is just as valuable-reaching out and being an example of the Word to those who are lost, and the most sobering thought of this is that these souls are all around us-not on the street corner asking for change, but in the man or woman in our work place who may even have a higher salary than us.

These are the people who more than not seem to have it “all together”, or are popular and outspoken. We live in a free society, free will is ingrained in each of us and it is a true gift which, unfortunately, some take advantage of by being disrespectful and indifferent to those around them, sometimes to the point of degrading others. Even someone’s faith and beliefs are at risk of ridicule. They express their own form of “free will” by not showing any form of discipline or social courtesy. The older generation may say it’s the youth of today. I personally believe indifference and unruliness have always exhisted. But, yes, it may be more openly apparent and/or “accepted” in today’s society. Friends, co-workers, and even family members curse, gossip, betray each other every day. Some are so superficial it’s a form of idolatry(some will only have true passion in speaking about their favorite actor, singer, or athlete.)Or paganism(I myself can get caught up in the “coffee god” every morning) where we’ll wait in line and even risk being late for work to consume this powerful liquid into our bodies in hopes of receiving a reaction which would help to get us”through” the day. Funny how we’ll make time for a trip to our favorite coffee shop each day but not be able to find 5 minutes for God.

How can I be an active doer?

Of-course-this is simple, give of my time, money and prayer. Yet what impressed on me this past week in studying the book of James is that the activity which may be most needed is being a shining light for those dwelling in the darkness of this world. It is like sifting through clutter each day. An image comes to mind of a parent cleaning and organizing their young child’s room so that their child can see and remember once again the beautiful room their loving parent has prepared for them to find rest as they lay their head down each night.

Are there challenges you face each day that you would like to change for the better? Are you finding it a temptation to engage in negative gossip or foul language, envy or jealousy? Please remind yourself that any temptation is not of God. Perhaps we need to exercise some of the gifts we have been given, put on our armor and begin dealing with these issues by remembering simple truths:

A child learns most by example. A child needs guidance and discipline, boundaries and the strong conviction of faith from an adult. I believe I heard Joyce Meyer say once that we may be the only Bible someone is ever going to read. Let us display the boldness and the light God is waiting for us to show others. In each day we can find something that will change our circumstances which are currently making us feel uneasy.

God places people and situations in our lives to smooth out the rough edges which in turn creates a precious sparkling jewel. I want to be a precious jewel. I am in God’s eyes, and that is worth any uncomfortable situation I may be placed in by being an “active doer”of the precious Word of God. Please share with us some of the ways you have found to be able to turn a negative situation around by using a gentle word, by being an example, by sharing your faith to others.

God Bless, Rosalba

Publisher, The Fellowship Page

*orinally published October 2008

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