Week-End Reflection: First Things’ First

By Rosalba | Mar 3, 2017

Week-End Reflection: Keep First Thing First in Our Lives

Blessings Brothers and Sisters.

I am feeling the strong sense of remembrance today, not only for those whom I have lost, but for those whom I have now in my life to love me and whom I have the honor of loving back and call my family and friends.

I have been so blessed to have loyal, good people around me whom I can rely on both to share good times as well as the deep and painful hard times we all go through.

I wanted to remind You to reach out to others today that may need a kind word, a hug,a smile, a call-whatever form that outreach is-I pray with all my heart You share Your time with someone today.

As well, reach out to those whom we live our lives with daily, let’s all try a little harder to slow down and spend even more quality time together.  I myself will try to cut down my “To Do” list this week-end(Maybe cross-off cleaning my house?) and add more fun time with the ones I love.  You get the picture-what’s more important?

I was so impressed this morning with My Son, Who gave me the biggest example of taking time for what matters most in life. We went out for breakfast this morning, and hoped for a quick bite before starting our busy day.  It took a bit more time then “scheduled” to be served our food and we both knew once we got our order we were going to have to finish quickly.

Yet, without hesitation, my Son bowed his head down, crossed his hands and prayed over His food. As I finished doing the same, I looked up and He was still in prayer. I thought, Wow! what an example of keeping first thing first in Your life.

So, by my Son’s example, it is my prayer that we all take the time today, this week-end and always, to honor the Lord, the ones we love and live our lives with, and those whom have passed but are still very much with us.  I am so very thankful for The Holy Spirit which guides my life and Yours-Amen & Have A Very Blessed Week-End!


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*original post 10/2013

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