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By Rosalba | Jun 6, 2017

Has God placed a desire in your heart? Are you growing impatient and feel at times it will never come to pass? Patience is a discipline many of us fail at. We believe we need to in some way”Help” God out by putting our own plans in action to get quicker results. For me the biggest challenge is quieting my thoughts and the world around long enough to be still and hear the small voice that will guide me correctly on my path. Yet, I work on it everyday because I’ve tried taking control and ended up out of control. And though I find myself impatient almost on a daily basis, I know I need to have faith and let go of the control I may¬†think I have. Most of us would have doubted, just as Zachariah had, when told of things to come which in the natural would seem impossible. But, when given knowledge from our Father we must affirm loudly: “Is there anything too hard for God? No my brothers and sisters, with God, ALL things are possible! Amen!”

Reference Verse: Luke 1:11-19


Publisher, The Fellowship Page

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