Week-End Reflection:The Spirit of Giving-What Makes a Christian Heart Beat

By Rosalba | Jan 8, 2016

James 2:26(NIV)

As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.”

Every-time I think about how Jesus lived his life and the example he left for us to follow, I am motivated to get up and change the world. It is the energy force of the Spirit to walk in a manner God would be pleased with.

Every-time I open my Bible I am reminded how powerful The Word of God is when you open up your heart and act on what you know to be true to do. In James 2 we are reminded that faith without works is dead. Therefore, to believe is not enough as children of God. We must lead by example, we must reach out to others. We must not find ourselves becoming what we often criticize other people of being-hypocrites.

Not everyone is rich monetarily, Yes I know. But I challenge each reader , especially those who clutch on to what they do have so tightly for fear of losing it, to face your biggest fear the enemy has given you, shove it right back in it’s face and say“God will provide all my needs!” Because you truly believe in your heart He will.

I was raised like most people I knew growing up: I was not raised learning to tithe or to give what I could to the needy. I was not taught to give of my time or energy in church projects. I literally lived next door to both a nursing home and church & never volunteered there. I’m no different then many others growing up. I was not spoiled nor did I lack for the necessities of life. We weren’t bad people, we were just the “norm”. I have always felt I was not living my life truly fulfilled but rather with an emptiness best described as a “God sized hole in your heart.”

I’ve decided in my adult life to redefine my “Normal”. I am making The Christian walk a normal daily routine and I believe it is by my giving of any resource God provides me with that makes my walk with Christ not only rewarding, but truly authentic. There are more ways to help others then I can list. Not everyone can go across the globe but with one phone call you can still make a difference there. Or start right there in your own community. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, at-least not right away. Start by going to your local church and check out their outreach projects. The fact of the matter is, if we would only stop and listen, God will tell us exactly what to do in any area of our life, including how each of us, in our own unique way, has been given the gift to help others in need. How do you start to hear God? Check your heart.

It is my mission to inform readers and to use The Fellowship Page site as a sort of connection location. To connect with each other, to provide information, resources,positive entertainment & highlight those people and organizations who are truly living the Word, some of-which have personally moved me on the right path and, it is my belief,can do the same for you. Of-course, to share daily the glorious Word of God is my biggest source of joy with The Fellowship Page. Simply put, it is through The Word we are taught what it means to really live.

What makes that light bulb go off & ignite our imagination with the next great missions project, fund raiser, or outreach? What can make us realize there is so much more then our own tiny little world and makes us finally realize that faith without works really does make us feel dead inside? And what is really behind that smile of a child? It’s the love of Christ.


Publisher, The Fellowship Page

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