Daily Word”Be Thankful”

By Rosalba | Nov 14, 2016

Father God,

My heart shouts out”This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice & be glad in it” and I am, Father. I am thankful to wake up in my own bed with my own shower and clean clothes. I am thankful for my car and food and even for the coffee I brew each morning. I am thankful for this very moment my Son can be sleeping in peace without a care in the world because he knows You Lord. My heart is heavy for those in this world who do not have all the luxuries You have blessed me with. I pray that their hearts are filled in the reassurance of your never-ending grace and loving kindness. I pray for food and shelter to each one of your children Lord, that I loosen the thought that I can only do little and replace it with the thought that what little I do is a seed that will spread and flourish, and that the thought of doing what we can will reach to others today in a wave of love throught this land. In Jesus’s mighty name I give you all the praise, Amen.

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