Pastor Joseph Prince teaches on “Radical Grace”

By Rosalba | Nov 10, 2008

Pastor Joseph Prince, of New Creation Church, and international conference speaker(Joseph Prince Ministries), shares the message God has placed in his life- to teach “Radical Grace.”

Grace is not a doctrine or a subject, but a person, Jesus Christ.” Prince’s deep knowledge of The Word inspires and energizes. When I watch his program I sense the apparent anointing on his life. He loves the Gospel, is passionate about sharing the Good News, and he understands the true blessing we have been given by God’s Grace.

What makes Pastor Prince such a motivating speaker is the deep love he has for God. He looks his audience straight in the eye and calls God his Father,Daddy,Abba…”Amen…Amen Church” He has a sincere personality making you believe his mannerisms come from a pure place. He is simply a child talking about his Dad. He doesn’t just quote the Bible to make a point. Every character in the Bible Pastor Prince discusses comes alive as if they are about to walk on stage with him. His message is so detailed and animated , it’s as if he was actually there back in time. There are many inspiring pastors and ministers out there and we are blessed to be able to have immediate access via the Internet and television, but there are few who can combine wisdom, humor, and be deeply personal all in the same moment. He sings too! I highly recommend watching Pastor Joseph Prince’s program and experiencing a refreshing way to approach our Father. To find out more about Pastor Prince and his book”Destined to Reign” got to:

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  1. Obi Nnamdi October 7, 2011 6:56 am

    I really want to thank God for yourlife.Really God has blessed you with a great gift especially an insight into His word to understand the season that we are now and rasing men that will be able to carry out the plan of God here on earth.Lately,God used you to bless my life on the topic generation of Benjamin,it was wonderful.More of His grace sir.Proudly Nigerian.

  2. Paul de Jesus November 18, 2011 2:51 pm

    I believe that Pastor Joseph Prince is one of the main voice of today that speak clearly of grace, the true gospel, and need to be heard more in churches today, thank God for such a messege that make me understand salvation in a very clear way, I pray God continualy blessing on your life

  3. Sanni S. December 31, 2012 11:24 am

    I love Joseph Prince, we need men of God or more ministries like this in Nigeria. I really need a church where I can do every week to receive Grace stuff and not legalism. I live in Lagos. I am a minister of the Gospel but my local assembly is a typical law-preaching church. I need a place I can continue to feed on the grace of God. Yours in Grace

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