“Called To Be Bold” article by Joyce Meyer

By Rosalba | Sep 11, 2008

In The August 2008 publication of Enjoying Everyday Life Magazine by Joyce Meyer Ministries-a great resource of inspirational information- the feature article calls believers to “Be Bold” when approaching God: “God is calling us to be bold, because He hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but of power” writes Meyer.
Joyce Meyer’s article reminds us [...]

Joel Osteen Interview with Borders Books on his book Become A Better You

By admin | Aug 9, 2008

Here is Joel Osteen’s interview with Borders Books about his new book Become a Better You.


By admin | Aug 8, 2008

Copyright 2002 by Larry Jones-127 pages
Larry and Frances Jones are modern day heroes.
No, not because they starred in a hit movie, sang on American Idol, or won an Olympic medal. They are simply doing what most of us say we want to do and have good intentions of doing-but they put in action each day-they [...]

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